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Chaotic Fibres suggestions for felting fibres

We’ve got you covered for felting!

The excitement of felt::feutre and the world of felting continues to both captivate us and drive our collection of fibres to new and greater heights. Check our Online Store’s page on Felting Wool and Supplies to see which fibres we recommend for felting.

Check out these recommended fibres for your next felting projects:

Cape Merinocape merino felting wool chaotic fibres, a South African merino that was in great demand at felt::feutre. It’s very soft
(19micron) with a very short staple that gives a solid and stable base for both wet and needle felting. We have many fabulous colours available.

If you want to dye your own, our white, carded Finnish batt is a terrific choice. This is a medium fibre at 24 to 31 microns with a longer staple length at 10 to 15cm. These are on order and expected soon. Also, our undyed Bergschaf batting has long been popular for felting. It’s a short, heavier fibre between 27 to 30 microns and popular for both needle and wet felting.

We have 29 colours Maori batts. This semi-soft fibre is popular with wet and needle felters for creating sturdy, durable items like bags and vessels. It felts quickly. Our natural grey Maori/Bergschaf in a 70/30 combination may work well for you as a base for sculptural work. This one is new for us but it comes with a very high recommendation from fibre artisans working with our Italian supplier.

Merino batts for needle and wet felting from Chaotic Fibres online storeIf you’re looking for excellent blends to add texture and colour features to your work, our 80/20 blend of Camel/Merino and 70/30 of Merino/De-haired Yak are wonderfully soft and luxurious. And, of course, the standard bearer for softness and versatility, our 21 micron Merino carded batts are amazing as are the striking colours. Remember too that our Merino top comes in many forms and many colours and can be found on our page for Wool-Dyed. You have lots of choice!

Batts or roving? You’ll see fibres listed on our store as batts and as roving or top. Fiona Duthie experimented with batts and roving to see if one would be better for building a solid fibre base for wet felting. The difference between the two is simple. Batts are carded and dyed but not combed so the fibres run in all directions, as opposed to roving and top which are both combed after carding to align the fibres neatly in a single direction. When batting is used to create a base, there’s no need to layer with alternating directions so it can save some time. Fiona found at the end of her experiment that both worked equally well.

So, try your own experiment! Play with a batt.


felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres heading for Penticton

Woe are we! Trying to fit as much fibre into a small van as possible for felt::feutre! We leave Victoria early on Monday for the drive to Penticton and will be ready to set up first thing Tuesday morning at the Shatford Centre. Wish we could take two vans or a small train!

We’ve received masses of new stock and it’s ready to offer up to the felters participating in the symposium workshops and to those who drop by just to see the vendors’ marketplace. For felting fibres, we’ve all sorts of wool, wool blends, silk fibres and others. We have lots of  felting ball brausers for wet felting  and needles for needle felters.

cotswold fleece for get feutre from Chaotic FibresWe will certainly have Merino, Bergschaf, Maori, Gotland, some great, local Cotswold, Polwarth, Corriedale and Finnish. If we can do it, we’ll also have as many of these as possible: Falkland, Icelandic, Norwegian, Jacob, Shetland, South American, Welsh, Teeswater and Wensleydale. This will be a great opportunity for felters to find new fibre to experiment with on their next projects!

Chaotic’s Online Store will be closed for the week we’ll be away. We do not want our customers to be disappointed by having to wait until our return or, even worse, until we order replacement stock after our return. But, we will have access to email if you have questions or want to place an order that we complete upon our return.

Can’t make it to Penticton? Our next fibre event will be the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival in Cobble Hill on Saturday, October 15th. And, locals are always welcome to email or call us to make an appointment to visit our home studio. Hope to see you soon!


100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Festival in Coombs Fibre festival on Vancouver Island News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Coming Up!

Set your calendar for Sunday, May 29th!

The annual 100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Fair at the Bradley Centre in Coombs is one of Vancouver Island’s great fibre events, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. Yes, Chaotic Fibres will be there and we’re stocked up with all kinds of wool, silk and other goodies for local spinners, felters and other fibre lovers.

Join the spinning circle and see the 4-H demonstrations and browse the product offerings of the many vendors. Stay for lunch at the local food truck. It will be parked by the entrance to the Board Room. Or, take a break and wander a little further west to the Coombs Country Market for an ice cream fix. The weather looks like it will be warm and dry so a perfect day for a short road trip and some fibre inspiration.

We’ve already had requests for our popular Sari Silk Sliver so that’s ready to roll. We’ll also make sure we have some Tussah Silk, specialty fibres like Yak, Mohair and some great Merino products such as Merino/Suri Alpaca, beautifully coloured Merino Striped 19 micron, Merino/Trilobal plus more. We have so much more we’d like to bring so, if you have your eye on something special, email us and we’ll bring it along!

We hope to see you in Coombs!


A final note: This event is organized by the Bradley Spinners and they put out a last minute call for volunteers to help with the event. If you can help, email Judith at or call her at 250 586 5489 for more details.

New fibres for felting and spinning New fibres ready from Chaotic Fibres New product from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Yakkity Yak … Chaotic Fibres goes nomadic

What’s new and exciting? The world of fibre is unfolding like a rare, beautiful flower, opening slowly with the world waiting breathlessly to create magical gardens.

Yak fibre for spinning and felting from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC, CanadaWhat’s old is new again. Yak has become popular – easy to understand when you feel this soft (15 to 19 micron) and amazing fibre. So many great characteristics: warmer than wool and as soft as cashmere; odourless; non-allergenic and anti-microbial so bacteria from sweat doesn’t hold on and grow in the fibre; and it’s a sustainable, ethical product that supports the traditional nomadic way of life of Mongolian herders that has a history of over a thousand years!

Two great YouTube videos highlight the reasons for supporting the yak fibre industry: Kate Humble’s  wonderful 2015 documentary on her experiences living with a family of Mongolian nomadic herders and Nancy Johnston’s short video, Tengri, that raises the alarm about threats to nomadic lifestyles. Kate Humble has three documentary programs on living with nomadic families, the Mongolian segment with sheep and goat herders, another on Siberian nomads and a third on Nepali herdersRamie, a bast fibre for spinning available for sale from Chaotic Fibres online store.

Chaotic Fibre’s shipment of Ramie fibre is now in and the new stock has been loaded on our Online Store. This is a bast fibre created from the stalks of plants, giving it the texture, lustre and working characteristics similar to Bamboo and Rose Bush fibre. Like Yak, this fibre has been valued and used for centuries. Archaeologists have discovered Ramie fabric on 6000 year old Egyptian mummies.

We have ten striking colours in stock, including the vibrant Caipirinha and the regal Theatre. Lovely! If you’re aiming for a special colour, we also have White so you can dye to your heart’s content.

Although it has not been used by exotic, traditional cultures for thousands of years like Yak and Ramie, Maori wool is a great choice for feltmaking. Maori is a combination of Coopworth and Corriedale. The fibres are strong (27 microns) and short (about 5cm) so this wool works well for both wet and needle felting. We currently have 15 colours in stock. Have a look!


Fibres West Fleece and Fibre Festival News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC VHWSG's Spin In

Chaotic Fibres at VHWSG’s Spin In, February 27th

Chaotic Fibres will be selling all kinds of fibre at the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners chaotic fibres sample fibre pack of woolGuild ‘Spin In’ on Saturday, February 27th from 10am until 3:30. This event will be held at the Saanich Fairgrounds, a spacious and perfect location for housing all the busy spinners plus the half dozen vendors. Entrance to the Marketplace is free. Come and have a peek! We’ll have lots of great fibre: Colourful Chaotic Batts, a variety of Fibre Packs plus lots of wool, silk and specialty fibre for local spinners and felters.

fibres west spinning and felting supplies

Fibres West 2016 is our next fibre event. This is BC’s largest fibre festival and it was a great success for us last year. This year is the eighth consecutive Fibres West and there are almost 50 vendors signed up so it’s worth travelling to. Last year we saw visitors from the US, as far east as Ontario and as far north as Yukon! Laurie Steffler will be leading classes on felted scarves and shawls, bags and baskets plus there will be classes on weaving, basketry, lace, spinning, knitting and rug hooking. Free lectures run throughout the days. Fibres West will be held at the Cloverdale Arena, a half hour drive from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal for Vancouver Islanders planning to make this a day trip.

Other festivals and sales we will be visiting in the coming months: 100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Festival in Coombs; Fibrations in Victoria, Cowichan Fleece and Fibre in Cobble Hill.

News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Merry Christmas Gift for You from Chaotic Fibres

It’s time for our final 2015 Christmas Stocking Stuffer from Chaotic Fibres!

Treat yourself to a 25% discount on our Wensleydale Noil as well as both our undyed Tussah and Mulberry Silk Noil until December 31st.

Felters and spinners will love using these carded sheets to add character and special texture. Noil is the collected, short, wool or silk fibre left over from the combing process. Sharon loves carding it into art batts and using these fibres in her felting projects. Give it a try!

Use the Coupon Code  SANTA  and receive this Chaotic Xmas Stocking Stuffer at 25% off the posted price on our Online Store.

Our Chaotic Xmas Elf wishes you a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season and a 2016 full of great fibre adventures!

News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Second Chaotic Fibres Stocking Stuffer!

It’s time for another Christmas Stocking Stuffer for you from Chaotic Fibres! Our West Coast storms delayed this post – we appreciate your patience!!

Grab a 20% discount on our Outrageous Chaotic Bags of Fibre until December 31st.

Have some outrageous chaotic fun with this wild compendium of fibre. Each bag of 100g may include such fibres as Merino, silk, alpaca, mohair, some wool nepps or a few slubs, silk ribbon, locks or perhaps even a smidgen of yak. Each Outrageous Chaotic Bag is unique and ready for some creative playfulness in your next spinning or felting adventure.

Use the Coupon Code HO HO TWO and receive this Chaotic Xmas Stocking Stuffer at 20% off the regular price of $15.00. Limit: 2 per person.

Remember, the Chaotic Xmas Elf will be returning one more time next Friday with our final Xmas special. Stay tuned!

News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres now on Instagram!

Chaotic Fibres on Instagram
Chaotic Fibres on Instagram

We now have a bigger social media footprint at Chaotic Fibres! Over the past couple of days Dave has loaded photos and added appropriate tags, all with the goal of showcasing some of the neater products we’ve discovered and have now offered on our Online Store. Check out the images of a few wool products like our Merino Tussah and Merino Soybean.

It is an amazing site and we hope it becomes a welcoming and interesting portal for spinners, felters and other fibre enthusiasts to find and follow Chaotic Fibres. Have a look at our  Instagram page  and let us know what you think!

#chaoticfibres #onlinefibre #instagram #spinning #felting

Latest Batts from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from our Online Store

Chaotic Fibres bringing on the batts!

No, it’s not because of trying to stretch Halloween or a fascination with vampires, it’s all because of the fibre! Sharon’s eyes lit up at the mass of new fibre from our recent shipments, and she just had to crank into the piles with her Ashford Wild Carder once again.

Chaotic BattSeacell, Mohair, Angora, Firestar, Camel, Rose Bush Fibre, Bamboo, Soybean, Tussah, Gotland Lamb. Locks, Nepps, Silk Noil. Phew! Of course, some great spinning fibres like Merino, BFL, Polwarth and Shetland. Each batt has a unique story and recipe for a perfect spinning or felting project. Finding those accents like a bit of Angelina , a sprinkling of Wool Nepps or just contrasts with colours brings these popular batts to life. Again, the latest batch of over a dozen batts are OOAK, filled with a mysterious concoction of at least five unique and interesting fibres. Have a look at our latest batt listing on the Chaotic Fibres Online Store and try one out!

Chaotic Batt #51 (34g) Chaotic Batt #59 (28g) Chaotic Batt #50 (28g) Chaotic Batt #55 (24g)

News from Chaotic Fibres

New treasures galore at Chaotic Fibres for spinners and felters!

Just in from one of our European suppliers … a fresh batch of popular Bonsai Sprayers for wet felters!

Are you tired of wetting your projects with the old hand spray misting bottle you salvaged from an emptied Windex sprayer? Bonsai Sprayers make wet felting easy and efficient. Simply squeeze the soft rubber bulb to draw water or a soap/water solution then gently squeeze to give a perfect distribution over the project. Bonsai Sprayers make the process so easy on your hand and arm muscles. They’re a must have tool for felters!

Chaotic Fibres Felting Pad
Felting Pads 20cm by 30cm

This shipment also included new felting pads and felting needles as promised in our last blog, plus lots of great wool and other fibres for both felters and spinners.

Are you just starting out with felting? We will soon be offering new toolkits for both wet felting and needle felting. Our wet felting toolkits will include a Bonsai Sprayer, a sampling of great fibres chosen specifically for wet felting along with some interesting, special fibre for textural accents. The needle felting toolkits will include a felting pad, three needles and an assortment of excellent needle felting fibres. Watch our Online Store over the couple of weeks for news about these kits and get ready to have some fun!

Wild Space Dyed Top - Mercury
Space Dyed Top

What else is new in the storehouse at Chaotic? It’s been a busy week! We also received a very large shipment from Britain the other day. Sharon is busy unpacking some wild and colourful Space Dyed Wool Top, dyed Shetland Top in seven different colours as well as black and grey, Gotland Top, wool nepps, Tussah Silk Top and more! For spinners, the 18/19 micron extra fine Merino Top is beautifully soft and the colours are luxuriant. We now have lots of Merino, including extra fine top in white for dyeing.

Are you looking for prefelt? Have a look at Felting Supplies in our store! Nuno felters, especially, will drool over our collection of 17 colours of Merino prefelt from this shipment.

All this will help us keep up with the incredible interest in felting and the demand for felting products as well as challenge our spinners with some great fibres for their next projects.