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Chaotic Fibres at Fibrations this weekend!

Doing some final prep and product selection for this Sunday’s Fibrations event at Robert Porter Park behind Sir James Douglas School in Victoria’s fabulous Fairfield neighbourhood.

As has become the case, we have way too many fibres and products to be able to bring everything, but we hope to cover what local felters, spinners and other fibre lovers are expecting. We’ve had some special requests and a few orders are ready for customers to pick up at the fibre festival. Let us know if you’d like to see something special and we’ll set it aside for you. With Felt::Feutre2016 coming up in 4 weeks, we’ve some really neat, new fibres that we can show off this weekend.

Chaotic Fibres online specialty fibres, Victoria BCDon’t forget to get your tickets for the door prizes! Sharon has just carded these beauties – seven raging batts each with a blend of at least five luxury fibres, including merino, silk, ramie, alpaca and more!

Here’s a heads up of just a few products we’ll be taking to Fibrations. Let us know if you’d like something special or order ahead and we’ll have it ready for you on Sunday!

All things felting: prefelt in many colours, ball browsers (bonsai sprayers), felting pads for needle felters, acid dyes in brown, grey and violet, bamboo felting mats, needles. We’ve set aside loads of silk: cocoons, lap, sliver, pulled sari, mulberry and tussah. We’ll bring small quantities of wool roving from 22 breeds such as Merino, Corriedale, Polwarth, BFL. Lots more here if you want larger quantities!

Look for some specialty fibres like angelina (8 colours!), yak, mohair, baby alpaca, hemp, ramie, camel, as well as blends like our camel and tussah silk (yum!!), merino/suri alpaca. Have you tried bamboo? We now have 9 colours including the stunning Black Diamond.

The weather looks like it will be perfect for an outdoor event on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Fibrations detail

Fibrations 2016.jpg

New fibres for felting and spinning New product from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC News from our Online Store

Chaotic Fibre’s Silk Experience Kit

So often we hear people marvel at the range of fabulous materials available to enhance felting, spinning or other fibre creations. Silk takes on many wonderful forms as it moves from cocoon to innovative silk products, and it has spectacular potential for enhancing projects.

Silk for felters and spinnersSilk hankies to textural silk noil, luscious silk string and the amazing silk carrier rods found at the end of production. Billowy pulled sari silk too, which has long been Sharon’s favourite fibre! All have special places for making felt, spun yarn, jewelry and even quilting very special.

We have collected some of these treasures in our Silk Experience Kits for our customers who love discovering new ways of creating beautiful pieces with unique qualities. Each kit includes some cocoons, hankies, noil, strings, carrier rods and pulled sari silk. Designed to experience silk and test out new materials, the kits are exceptional value at $9.75. Get one while they last!

Latest Batts from Chaotic Fibres New fibres for felting and spinning News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Felters’ stash now available at Chaotic Fibres

A riot of colour exploded in Sharon’s studio!

The skies were dull and she wanted to brighten up the day. What better way to cheer things up than make fibre become sunshine. Having her own fibre store and a great new studio space to spread out, all Sharon needed was a reason.

Chaotic Fibres Mini BattsHer recent felting projects have been so much fun as colours bounced and blended and played with each other. This would be her reason! Create a carload of crazy mini batts for like minded fibre fanatics. Away went the Pat Green Blender Carder and out came the Ashford Wild Carder and … magic happened.

Are you a felter or spinner looking for some fun colours to lift your winter spirits? We have just posted Sharon’s Chaotic Mini Swirl Batts on Chaotic’s Online Store. There are 14 mini batts in a collection, with a total of 230 grams for $45.00 plus tax and delivery. Each of the mini batts is a unique, playful mix of a few fibres like Merino, Angora, Alpaca, Bamboo, Pulled Sari Silk and Corriedale. They’re so much fun!

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News from Chaotic Fibres

New treasures galore at Chaotic Fibres for spinners and felters!

Just in from one of our European suppliers … a fresh batch of popular Bonsai Sprayers for wet felters!

Are you tired of wetting your projects with the old hand spray misting bottle you salvaged from an emptied Windex sprayer? Bonsai Sprayers make wet felting easy and efficient. Simply squeeze the soft rubber bulb to draw water or a soap/water solution then gently squeeze to give a perfect distribution over the project. Bonsai Sprayers make the process so easy on your hand and arm muscles. They’re a must have tool for felters!

Chaotic Fibres Felting Pad
Felting Pads 20cm by 30cm

This shipment also included new felting pads and felting needles as promised in our last blog, plus lots of great wool and other fibres for both felters and spinners.

Are you just starting out with felting? We will soon be offering new toolkits for both wet felting and needle felting. Our wet felting toolkits will include a Bonsai Sprayer, a sampling of great fibres chosen specifically for wet felting along with some interesting, special fibre for textural accents. The needle felting toolkits will include a felting pad, three needles and an assortment of excellent needle felting fibres. Watch our Online Store over the couple of weeks for news about these kits and get ready to have some fun!

Wild Space Dyed Top - Mercury
Space Dyed Top

What else is new in the storehouse at Chaotic? It’s been a busy week! We also received a very large shipment from Britain the other day. Sharon is busy unpacking some wild and colourful Space Dyed Wool Top, dyed Shetland Top in seven different colours as well as black and grey, Gotland Top, wool nepps, Tussah Silk Top and more! For spinners, the 18/19 micron extra fine Merino Top is beautifully soft and the colours are luxuriant. We now have lots of Merino, including extra fine top in white for dyeing.

Are you looking for prefelt? Have a look at Felting Supplies in our store! Nuno felters, especially, will drool over our collection of 17 colours of Merino prefelt from this shipment.

All this will help us keep up with the incredible interest in felting and the demand for felting products as well as challenge our spinners with some great fibres for their next projects.

News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres New Stock Soon!

Our hats are off to Michelle, Leola and their team of volunteers for last weekend’s successful Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival in Cobble Hill. We had a terrific time and we look forward to returning next year for this annual, Vancouver Island event. It’s always interesting to look back at which fibres were most in demand at events like this. We found our Merino/Suri Alpaca Top and Merino 19m Top were definitely the best sellers, followed by Pulled Sari Silk and the always-fun Silk Carrier Rods for felters and jewelry makers.

FibresWest2016Speaking of returning, we have just registered for Fibres West 2016 in Vancouver. This will be the eighth annual festival and our second time there as vendors. Fibres West will be at the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds on March 18th and 19th.

Sharon has been busy restocking and updating inventory for our Online Store after the weekend’s sale. Orders have been placed and we have shipments arriving soon from Europe, Britain and across North America. We’re looking forward to some new items as well as popular fibres that have completely sold out.

Bonsai Sprayer from Chaotic FibresFor felters, our popular Bonsai Sprayers, Felting Needles and Felting Pads will arrive shortly. Sharon also ordered Merino/Silk Prefelt in white and black for our nuno felters. Have you been looking for white merino for dyeing? We’ll soon have more Italian Merino 19m in white. Other fibres coming soon include: Merino Gotland Fleece in blue grey; five new colours of Merino Top coming from South America and Australia; eight colours of Sharon’s favourite fibre, Pulled Sari Silk; and twelve colours of Tussah Silk Top. In addition to this bounty of lusciousness, she also just received a shipment of Silk Hankies, Thrown Silk in Sericin, Cocoon Strippings and Carded Mulberry Noil. Lots of goodies to tempt our spinners and feltmakers! Thank goodness we now have room to spare in Sharon’s studio and the Chaotic Fibres area of our new home!

For those who look forward to seeing us at fibre events, we’ll be at Fibres West in March and, hopefully, VHWSG’s Spin In on Saturday, February 27th.

News from Chaotic Fibres

Come see us at Fibrations!

Five days to go. We hope you will pop by our booth and say hi to us at Victoria’s annual outdoor fibre event.

Fibrations takes place at its new venue in Robert Porter Park beside Sir James Douglas School near the corner of Fairfield Road and Moss Street. This one day event is on Sunday, August 16th from 10am until 4pm.

Count on seeing some fabulous colours, some unique fibres and great blends for felting, spinning and knitting. Here’s a partial list: Italian Merino 19 micron in about ten colours, very popular Rose Bush Fibre, close to twenty colours of Pulled Sari Silk, over 25 colours of Maori, Merino Bamboo Top, Baby Camel/Silk, Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, Wensleydale Locks, Slubs, Nepps, Mulberry Silk Noil, some of Sharon’s luxurious and exotic Hand Carded Batts.

Felting tools like our Bonsai Sprayers and Palm Washboards as well as unique items like dyed felt balls, silk carrier rods and Mulberry Bark will be at our booth for you. Lots more that we could bring so let us know if you have a special item you’d like to see at #Fibrations.


Spin In 2015 Tomorrow!

Come and see our spinning and felting fibres at Spin In tomorrow!

We will be one of six vendors in the Spin In Marketplace at the Saanich Fairgrounds. Admission to the marketplace is free. Chaotic Fibres will have many of our products from our online store available so come and look. We will be bringing so many new items, like Sharon’s new Chaotic Batts, wool tops and batts from some of the over 20 kinds of wool we carry, from Blue Faced Leicester to Massam, Shetland, Finnish, Gotland, Bergschaf, Jacob and more. Wow! And silk! Pulled Sari Silk Cloud and Pulled Sari Silk Sliver, Eri Silk, Tussah Top, Mulberry Silk Strings, Carded Silk Lap and Mulberry Sliver. Then we have lots of wool blends and our specialty fibres like Rose Fibre, Baby Camel Fibre, De-Haired Yak. Sheesh!

We hope to see you at #SpinIn2015!

News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Starting 2015 with my favourite fibre!

Our best wishes to you and your loved ones for 2015!

Have I said I love working with Pulled Sari Silk?! It truly is my favourite fibre for spinning and felting at the moment. Our shipment from Europe the other day included more fabulous colours so we can now offer 21 terrific selections from Maize to Jasper and a luscious Azalea. Trust me … try carding some Pulled Sari Silk with Merino or any other fibre.

The other day, I carded some black Alpaca and white Cotswold to make a streaky grey then carded in some of our Hot Pink Pulled Sari Silk as a vibrant highlight. Here’s a photo of the hand spun yarn I made from the carding.

Pulled sari silk in yarn and felting
Pulled Sari Silk in hand spun with black Alpaca and white Cotswold.

The Pulled Sari Silk gives a nice visual punch when even a small amount is used in this way. It can also be spun on its own for a rustic but amazingly ‘silky’ yarn. Felters will love playing with this fibre in wet, needle and Nuno felting or as spectacular embellishments for other projects. It’s the shimmering qualities of silk and the softness of the fibre that creates magic. The shimmering effect is unique to silk and is due to the prism-like structure of the fibre which bounces back refracted colours with some variation to add to the luxurious appearance.

News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Alpaca farm on Vancouver Island

We visited Yellow Point Alpacas recently during a studio tour for the Cedar and Yellow Point area, an hour and a half north of Victoria. Lenie and Peter have been raising alpacas for years and they really love and care for their herd of 21. Their alpacas look amazing! Lenie told us of the great lengths they go to give them only the best food and care. Alpacas have sensitive gums and teeth so the quality of the cut grasses they eat can really affect them. Lenie and Peter give their alpacas grasses that are third cuts from fields and find this really helps keep them healthy and their fleece top quality.

Sharon ended up buying two and a quarter pounds of the best quality part of the fleece called the blanket. Once the fleece had gone through five washings, it was wonderfully soft and ready for carding. There was virtually no waste. Over the next few days some of the fleece will be carded with merino, pulled sari silk and angora to produce a lustrously soft batt for spinning.

Yellow Point Alpaca
Young alpaca at Yellow Point Alpacas.
Yellow Point Alpacas near Victoria, BC
Yellow Point Alpacas. Not a bad home at all for their 21 alpacas!
Trimming alpacas teeth
Alpacas getting dental care. Clip teeth and check gums.
Alpaca fleece
Raw fleece before washing from Yellow Point Alpacas
Alpaca fleece for carding and spinning
Washed alpaca fleece. Ready for carding and spinning.
Alpaca fleece for fibre projects
Raw and ready. Alpaca fibre from Yellow Point Alpacas.