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News from Chaotic Fibres

As Victoria gleefully shakes itself off after an ample dose of winter, we are finally clearing away recent shipments and looking forward to 2017 and the next round of fibre festivals and online sales.

Chaotic Fibres silk hankies for felt making and spinningOne of our latest items for spinners and felters is Dyed Silk Hankies. Our supplier in Italy offers Black, White and six vibrant colours, from intense Fire to regal Florence. If you haven’t seen or used silk hankies in a felting, spinning or knitting project, trust me, they’re amazing!

Another great find in our New Arrivals section in our Online Store is Cashmere Top. This short (3cm), ultrasoft fibre is 13–18 microns in diameter. It’s costly and hard to get, but we have hadCashmere top for spinning wool and felting from Chaotic Fibres online store a number of requests for the fibre so we jumped when one of our suppliers offered it recently. Cashmere goats yield only 100 grams of this soft undercoat each year, which explains the higher cost of the luxury fibre. Famous for its warmth, Cashmere is said to be 6 – 8 times warmer than wool.

New at Chaotic Fibres for nuno felters is our White Viscose Crepe Voile. This cellulose based fabric feels similar to silk and works very well for nuno felting. Voile is a loose, open weave fabric that allows felting fibres to bind easily. DHG’s creative genius, Gaia Girard, is a well known Italian designer and felting instructor. Her Blog on the variety of fabrics for nuno felting projects, including voile is worth studying. For clear instruction on nuno felting, see Gaia’s 15 minute video . Have fun experimenting!

Come and see Chaotic Fibres at these 2017 fibre events:

Saturday, February 18th.  VHWSG’s Spin In at the Saanich Fair Grounds. The vendors area is open to the public with no admission charge.

Friday and Saturday, March 17th and 18th. The 9th annual Fibres West at the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds in Surrey. 50 vendors, great workshops and demos.

Sunday, May 28th. 100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Festival in Coombs.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 30, July 1 and 2. Treadle Lightly, ANWG’s 2017 NW Weavers’ Conference at the University of Victoria. Over 30 vendors with free admission to the Market Hall. Fashion show, exhibits, workshops and seminars.

Sunday, August 20th. Fibrations at Robert Porter Park, Victoria.

Saturday, October 21st. Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival, Cobble Hill.



Fibres West Fleece and Fibre Festival News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC VHWSG's Spin In

Chaotic Fibres at VHWSG’s Spin In, February 27th

Chaotic Fibres will be selling all kinds of fibre at the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners chaotic fibres sample fibre pack of woolGuild ‘Spin In’ on Saturday, February 27th from 10am until 3:30. This event will be held at the Saanich Fairgrounds, a spacious and perfect location for housing all the busy spinners plus the half dozen vendors. Entrance to the Marketplace is free. Come and have a peek! We’ll have lots of great fibre: Colourful Chaotic Batts, a variety of Fibre Packs plus lots of wool, silk and specialty fibre for local spinners and felters.

fibres west spinning and felting supplies

Fibres West 2016 is our next fibre event. This is BC’s largest fibre festival and it was a great success for us last year. This year is the eighth consecutive Fibres West and there are almost 50 vendors signed up so it’s worth travelling to. Last year we saw visitors from the US, as far east as Ontario and as far north as Yukon! Laurie Steffler will be leading classes on felted scarves and shawls, bags and baskets plus there will be classes on weaving, basketry, lace, spinning, knitting and rug hooking. Free lectures run throughout the days. Fibres West will be held at the Cloverdale Arena, a half hour drive from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal for Vancouver Islanders planning to make this a day trip.

Other festivals and sales we will be visiting in the coming months: 100 Mile Fleece and Fibre Festival in Coombs; Fibrations in Victoria, Cowichan Fleece and Fibre in Cobble Hill.

News from Chaotic Fibres

Come see us at Fibrations!

Five days to go. We hope you will pop by our booth and say hi to us at Victoria’s annual outdoor fibre event.

Fibrations takes place at its new venue in Robert Porter Park beside Sir James Douglas School near the corner of Fairfield Road and Moss Street. This one day event is on Sunday, August 16th from 10am until 4pm.

Count on seeing some fabulous colours, some unique fibres and great blends for felting, spinning and knitting. Here’s a partial list: Italian Merino 19 micron in about ten colours, very popular Rose Bush Fibre, close to twenty colours of Pulled Sari Silk, over 25 colours of Maori, Merino Bamboo Top, Baby Camel/Silk, Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn, Wensleydale Locks, Slubs, Nepps, Mulberry Silk Noil, some of Sharon’s luxurious and exotic Hand Carded Batts.

Felting tools like our Bonsai Sprayers and Palm Washboards as well as unique items like dyed felt balls, silk carrier rods and Mulberry Bark will be at our booth for you. Lots more that we could bring so let us know if you have a special item you’d like to see at #Fibrations.

Hand Dyed Hand Spun Yarn

Handspun Madness.

Here’s a chance to add some chaotic texture and kaleidoscopic colour to your freeform knitting projects with some fabulous hand spun yarn from Chaotic Fibres. We’ve loaded up our online store with skeins of Sharon’s OOAK hand dyed, hand spun, ranging from 100% wool, as you will find in Lime Twist and Pacific Sunset, to a custom cool 98 yards of blended merino, mohair, kid mohair, suffolk and angelina in the Starry Night hand spun. Like lots of blending? She uses all kinds of fibre in her top quality skeins, including silk, pulled sari silk, alpaca, angora, silk ribbon and, of course, all kinds of wool. Need a little? Want a lot? These are definitely OOAK (One of a Kind) skeins of yarn, as small as 11 yards ranging to a couple of hundred yards!

Freeform knitting yarns
Striped Impulse, 84 yards of hand dyed 100% yarn.
Hand spun yarn for knitting
Irish Skies, 62 yards of 100% wool.
wool, angora, alpaca hand spun yarn
Autumn Rose. 80% wool, 10% angora, 8% alpaca, 2% angelina. 50 yards. Hand dyed, hand spun by Chaotic Fibres.
News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Cobble Hill to take in the 2014 Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair

Busy few days sourcing out new, local fibre. We drove from our Victoria home to Qualicum Bay area last week to visit Jenny at her Up A Creek Farm and get mohair she’d collected from her angora goats. It’s so nice to see happy, well-treated animals! Sharon’s been busy washing it and preparing it for use in some felting and spinning projects she has in mind.

Zip ahead a couple of days and we land in Cobble Hill and the 2014 Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair at the local community hall. The crowds and energy were amazing as were the good contacts and new product Sharon was able to tuck into our trunk for the return to Victoria. So, some fabulous suri and huacaya alpaca, Cotswold wool and a sachel of raw silk as well as some new ideas for felting and knitting projects and we’re ready for the next fall fibre sale!

dyeing New fibres ready from Chaotic Fibres

Dyeing spectacular fibre!

Having such fun playing with painting dyes in striking, vibrant colours. These should make spectacular fibre once they’re carded in stylish blends.

Playing with dyes to create some spectacular colour blends with carding.
Playing with dyes to create some spectacular colour blends with carding.
BC News from Chaotic Fibres Victoria

Alpaca from Vancouver Island

Here’s Johnny! We visited Sheena in Qualicum Bay to watch her alpaca being sheared and buy all the alpaca fleece. The little guys were so well behaved despite the drizzle and fuss getting their haircuts! Now the work begins as Sharon washes and cards all this fleece! Ready for Etsy soon!


News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres launching soon!

Finally, we are almost there with unfolding Chaotic Fibres to the artisan community! We could say this has been a half-century process since Sharon’s love and fascination for wool and other natural fibres, spinning, weaving, knitting and felting has evolved over this time, as has her involvement in creating and selling beautiful handmade articles with fibres, fabrics, etc. We are excited to announce that Chaotic Fibres will soon be ready to sell a variety of mostly local, Vancouver Island natural fibres.