We have a good selection of wools, both local to our home on Southern Vancouver Island and from distant farms. From time to time we will carry raw fleece, either washed and ready to card, or unwashed and straight from the farm for those adventurous spinners and felters who really want to connect with their product from animal to client.

Wool is a treasure for felt making and spinning since the tiny scales on each fibre lock to hold felting pieces and yarn together. We have tried many different wools for spinning and felting and all have different characteristics and handle differently. Part of the adventure is playing with a diversity to see which you like best and which suits your kind of work. Merino, though, is wonderfully soft for those with sensitive skin, and it’s a favourite for many felters and spinners. So, of course we carry Merino but we also enjoy offering Wensleydale and other wool fibres in our online shop.

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