Merino Top (Extra Fine) - White -19 micron -DHG

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Merino is the finest of wools, with fibres ranging from superfine at 12 microns to fine at 20-25 microns. It’s an excellent fibre for feltmaking and for spinning, either on its own or blended with other fibres. The fineness of the fibre makes it luxuriously soft and comfortable for those who find wool makes them itch. Coarse wools at 30 microns and above tend to be the culprits for itchiness. In Merino, the crimps (curls) may be as close as 100 within an inch, making it elastic enough to have a good bounce back effect with use in items like sweaters and blankets.

Our Extra Fine Merino Top is 19 microns, making it an incredibly luxurious fibre for any project. The Fine Merine is 19.5 microns. These products are 'natural white' and ready for dyeing or using as they are.

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