Merino/Stellina Top - Glitter!

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A very special glittering range of 25m Merino and Stellina blends to add sparkle to your project. Our little 25g 'rolls' are a mixture of 70% Merino with 30% glitter. A little goes a long way!

Our newest additions are 100g packages with 16.66% glitter.

The Truly Tropical blend contains 16.66% Merino Leaf, 16.66% Merino Aqua, 16.66% Merino Jade, 16.66% Merino Turquoise, 16.66% Merino Mediterannean and 16.66% Glitter White/Blue.

Our Gypsy Magic blend is a fun mix of mauve, turquoise and peach shades of Merino, also with 16.66% Glitter.

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