Chaotic Fibres introduces Strauch Carders and fibre tools! We are now an authorized dealer and can offer exceptional manual and electric drum carders from Otto and Joanne Strauch’s home factory in Virginia. Strauch Fiber Equipment Company  has been in business since 1991 and has been producing carders since 2000. Otto’s background as a mechanical engineer shows in the precision and quality of his products.

buy chaotic fibres strauch carder for spinning wool

Choose from four carders with a number of variations to suit your needs. Except for the Petite, all carders are available in standard and double wide.

Mad Batt’r models have deep ½ inch pins and coarse carding cloth at 72tpi that facilitate work with the range of fibre used in art batts. Available in manual and electric models in both single and double wide.

The Finest model has slightly shorter pins at 3/8 inch with a fine carding cloth of 128tpi. Also available in manual and electric models in both single and double wide.

The 200 Series carders offer a choice of three models: Fine (128tpi), Medium (98tpi) and Coarse (72tpi) carding cloth on the drums. The 200 Series is not available as an electric model.

The Petite model has a smaller drum (6 ¾ rather than 8 ¼) for those with space or budget constraints. Available only in manual and only single wide. All Petites are belt rather than chain driven.

The drive mechanism on all Strauch carders is fabulous. A sturdy chain drives the action smoothly on both manual and electric models with no slipping as may happen with a belt drive. The motorized carders use high quality, electronically controlled motors that have been tested and proven for design, ease of operation and durability. As with any electronic device a surge protector is recommended.

The carders have unique, proprietary cloth dubbed Slicker Licker on the infeed drum. This feature of Strauch carders allows for superior feeding of the fibre to the large drum by using smooth blades rather than the usual pin cloth found in other carders.

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Strauch manual carder for fibre artists

Strauch wool carder chain driven model from Chaotic Fibres