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New fibre just arrived at Chaotic Fibres

We are thrilled about the new luxury blends that we received this morning from Germany. They’re fabulous! Sharon has just loaded and enabled the new fibre on our Online Store so have a look at these nine luxury blends on our New Arrivals page. We love the brilliance of the Merino, Mulberry Silk, Bamboo and Sari Silk blend! It’s a super soft and spectacular colouring for $13.50 per 100 grams. Check out our online store for these other luxury blends that just arrived: Merino, Alpaca, Camel and Silk; BFL and Seacell; Baby Camel and Bleached Tussah Silk plus more. Our next shipment is coming from Italy and we are expecting over 40 colours of 19m Merino as part of that shipment. It should be arriving in the next few days so stay tuned!

BC dyeing Latest Batts from Chaotic Fibres New fibres for felting and spinning New fibres ready from Chaotic Fibres New product from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC News from our Online Store Online wool store, Victoria BC Victoria

New Fibre Coming Soon at Chaotic Fibres!

We have some exciting new stock arriving in the next few days from Italy and England – just as we promised!

Yes, our summer sale really cleared us out so the restocking was absolutely necessary. Sharon loved choosing new blends like Merino/Tussah Silk, Alpaca/Tussah or the unique Merino/Alpaca/Camel/Mulberry Silk, all of which plus more you’ll see listed as Wool Blends and Luxury Blends on our online store. Simply click the Shop Online button and enjoy the colours! Our ever popular 19m Merino will be arriving in over 40 colours, and you’ll also see some new choices like Atmosphere and Shocking as well as the always popular range of Merinos for your spinning and felting projects.

You will see Sold Out/Coming Soon tags on the newly ordered stock on our store page until the stock has arrived. We had to be positive that your order could be swiftly and efficiently filled once you complete your purchase. Thank you for your patience!

You will notice that the look of our website has changed, hopefully for the better. We are still working out the kinks and updating information so it will continue to evolve as we finish this project.

We wish you good health and calm, easy days as we move cautiously through the Covid summer of 2020!

New fibres ready from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC News from our Online Store Online wool store, Victoria BC

Chaotic Fibres Exciting New Directions!

OK, my loyal customers. You Win!! After overwhelming support from so many of my customers, I have decided to stay open with a couple of small changes. These will make it easier for me to handle the orders so that I can continue to supply the fine fibres that you have come to expect from Chaotic Fibres. I know this news will come as a surprise to some, but I have had a lot of arm twisting over the past couple of weeks :>

There will be a short delay while I order more fibre. I’ll continue to stock the same fabulously soft 19m Merino and Merino/Silk roving. I’ve been having fun this afternoon creating a few special, custom blends for spinners and felters!

I’m so grateful to all of you for your continued loyalty over the years. I know that COVID has changed the way we all look at things and that’s been part of my decision to keep going.

Stay tuned and keep watching our blog to see what new goodies I’ll have in the coming weeks as they arrive from my suppliers in Europe.

News from Chaotic Fibres

Our Next Pop-Up Retirement Sale – June 17th and 18th.

Chaotic Fibres is having another sale this week! This special 2 sale day offers a 40% discount Wednesday and Thursday (June 17th  and 18th). Have a look at our Online Store for these sale items: 

Bergschaf; Cotton; Carded Merino; Carded Cape Merino; Dyes;  
Hemp; Maori; Nepps; Nylon; Ramie; Wensleydale Noil.

Save 40% on sale items when you add the Coupon Code ‘FOUR‘ on the Checkout page of your Shopping Cart.  

Our Pop-Up sales continue each week with the products and discounts offered as we clear our inventory. 

Hand Spun Yarn New fibres for felting and spinning New fibres ready from Chaotic Fibres New product from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC News from our Online Store Online wool store, Victoria BC

Chaotic Fibre’s Retirement Sale #3

Check out our three-day sale and save 25% on online orders this Saturday, Sunday and Monday (June 13, 14 and 15th) for these sale items:  

Angelina; Fancy Silk Threads/RibbonNettingSari Silk – SliverSilk Chiffon FabricSilk Habotai FabricSilk WasteVintage Saris;   Viscose FabricViscose Top.

Save 25% when you add the Coupon Code ‘THREE’ on your Shopping Cart’s Checkout page. You must add this coupon code to your order page to save the 25%. Our retirement sales will continue as we clear existing inventory and pave the way for retirement! Please note: discounts cannot be given after an online order has been completed.

New fibres for felting and spinning News from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC News from our Online Store Online wool store, Victoria BC Victoria

Chaotic Fibres Retirement Sale!

Save on in stock items when shopping through our Online Store.

After careful consideration, the time has come to wind down the business and retire. I have enjoyed many years in the business and I truly appreciate the friendship and support of both my local and distant customers.

Look for our Pop-Up sales! The duration and specific days may change each week for the Pop-Up sales so, if you want a bargain, you’ll have to keep watching. Online orders only.

From June 1 to June 7, save 35% on the following items by using the Coupon Code ONECarded Batts – Bergschaf, Hemp Top, Ramie Top, All Prefelt – Superlight 19m, 21m, Thermoformable Felt.

The discount will be automatically deducted at checkout only if you enter the discount code. Discounts will not be applied retroactively.

New fibres for felting and spinning New product from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC News from our Online Store

Chaotic Fibre’s Silk Experience Kit

So often we hear people marvel at the range of fabulous materials available to enhance felting, spinning or other fibre creations. Silk takes on many wonderful forms as it moves from cocoon to innovative silk products, and it has spectacular potential for enhancing projects.

Silk for felters and spinnersSilk hankies to textural silk noil, luscious silk string and the amazing silk carrier rods found at the end of production. Billowy pulled sari silk too, which has long been Sharon’s favourite fibre! All have special places for making felt, spun yarn, jewelry and even quilting very special.

We have collected some of these treasures in our Silk Experience Kits for our customers who love discovering new ways of creating beautiful pieces with unique qualities. Each kit includes some cocoons, hankies, noil, strings, carrier rods and pulled sari silk. Designed to experience silk and test out new materials, the kits are exceptional value at $9.75. Get one while they last!

Latest Batts from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres News from our Online Store

Chaotic Fibres bringing on the batts!

No, it’s not because of trying to stretch Halloween or a fascination with vampires, it’s all because of the fibre! Sharon’s eyes lit up at the mass of new fibre from our recent shipments, and she just had to crank into the piles with her Ashford Wild Carder once again.

Chaotic BattSeacell, Mohair, Angora, Firestar, Camel, Rose Bush Fibre, Bamboo, Soybean, Tussah, Gotland Lamb. Locks, Nepps, Silk Noil. Phew! Of course, some great spinning fibres like Merino, BFL, Polwarth and Shetland. Each batt has a unique story and recipe for a perfect spinning or felting project. Finding those accents like a bit of Angelina , a sprinkling of Wool Nepps or just contrasts with colours brings these popular batts to life. Again, the latest batch of over a dozen batts are OOAK, filled with a mysterious concoction of at least five unique and interesting fibres. Have a look at our latest batt listing on the Chaotic Fibres Online Store and try one out!

Chaotic Batt #51 (34g) Chaotic Batt #59 (28g) Chaotic Batt #50 (28g) Chaotic Batt #55 (24g)

News from Chaotic Fibres

New treasures galore at Chaotic Fibres for spinners and felters!

Just in from one of our European suppliers … a fresh batch of popular Bonsai Sprayers for wet felters!

Are you tired of wetting your projects with the old hand spray misting bottle you salvaged from an emptied Windex sprayer? Bonsai Sprayers make wet felting easy and efficient. Simply squeeze the soft rubber bulb to draw water or a soap/water solution then gently squeeze to give a perfect distribution over the project. Bonsai Sprayers make the process so easy on your hand and arm muscles. They’re a must have tool for felters!

Chaotic Fibres Felting Pad
Felting Pads 20cm by 30cm

This shipment also included new felting pads and felting needles as promised in our last blog, plus lots of great wool and other fibres for both felters and spinners.

Are you just starting out with felting? We will soon be offering new toolkits for both wet felting and needle felting. Our wet felting toolkits will include a Bonsai Sprayer, a sampling of great fibres chosen specifically for wet felting along with some interesting, special fibre for textural accents. The needle felting toolkits will include a felting pad, three needles and an assortment of excellent needle felting fibres. Watch our Online Store over the couple of weeks for news about these kits and get ready to have some fun!

Wild Space Dyed Top - Mercury
Space Dyed Top

What else is new in the storehouse at Chaotic? It’s been a busy week! We also received a very large shipment from Britain the other day. Sharon is busy unpacking some wild and colourful Space Dyed Wool Top, dyed Shetland Top in seven different colours as well as black and grey, Gotland Top, wool nepps, Tussah Silk Top and more! For spinners, the 18/19 micron extra fine Merino Top is beautifully soft and the colours are luxuriant. We now have lots of Merino, including extra fine top in white for dyeing.

Are you looking for prefelt? Have a look at Felting Supplies in our store! Nuno felters, especially, will drool over our collection of 17 colours of Merino prefelt from this shipment.

All this will help us keep up with the incredible interest in felting and the demand for felting products as well as challenge our spinners with some great fibres for their next projects.

Fleece and Fibre Festival News from Chaotic Fibres

Chaotic Fibres is on the move!

Fibrations was a wonderful success! The weather was perfect. The new venue, at the Fairfield Community Centre grounds at Robert Porter Park here in Victoria, was great, and it was so good to see so many friends and supporters of Chaotic Fibres. The questions, sales and comments all showed that felting, spinning and knitting are very popular right now!

Chaotic Fibres at the Cowichan Valley Fleece and Fibre Festival

Our next fibre event will be in Cobble Hill at the Cowichan Valley Fleece and Fibre Festival on Saturday, October 17. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of this event. From all accounts and from what we have seen visiting this event previously, it is one of the best island fibre festivals for the range of felting, spinning, knitting and weaving supplies offered for sale.

We will be racing until that time as we are in the middle of a family move to a different location in Victoria. Our new home is double the size and it has a perfect layout for Chaotic Fibres, with a large studio space and ample room to organize our online store’s ever expanding supply of wool, silks, all sorts of specialty fibres and the handful of felt making tools and other products we carry. In the meantime, we have moved our stock into storage until September 5 so any orders taken now can only be processed after the 5th.

Watch for our next blog announcing the resumption of normal business in a couple of weeks! We look forward to the improvements we are making to Chaotic Fibres!