felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres heading for Penticton

Woe are we! Trying to fit as much fibre into a small van as possible for felt::feutre! We leave Victoria early on Monday for the drive to Penticton and will be ready to set up first thing Tuesday morning at the Shatford Centre. Wish we could take two vans or a small train!

We’ve received masses of new stock and it’s ready to offer up to the felters participating in the symposium workshops and to those who drop by just to see the vendors’ marketplace. For felting fibres, we’ve all sorts of wool, wool blends, silk fibres and others. We have lots of  felting ball brausers for wet felting  and needles for needle felters.

cotswold fleece for get feutre from Chaotic FibresWe will certainly have Merino, Bergschaf, Maori, Gotland, some great, local Cotswold, Polwarth, Corriedale and Finnish. If we can do it, we’ll also have as many of these as possible: Falkland, Icelandic, Norwegian, Jacob, Shetland, South American, Welsh, Teeswater and Wensleydale. This will be a great opportunity for felters to find new fibre to experiment with on their next projects!

Chaotic’s Online Store will be closed for the week we’ll be away. We do not want our customers to be disappointed by having to wait until our return or, even worse, until we order replacement stock after our return. But, we will have access to email if you have questions or want to place an order that we complete upon our return.

Can’t make it to Penticton? Our next fibre event will be the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival in Cobble Hill on Saturday, October 15th. And, locals are always welcome to email or call us to make an appointment to visit our home studio. Hope to see you soon!


felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres featuring Extra Fine Merino Minis at felt::feutre

Do you have a felting project in mind but need a bit of colour? Our Extra Fine Merino Minis are perfect for needle and wet felters wanting deliciously soft fibre and a wide colour range to increase their stash. Each mini is a small, 20g nugget for only $2.25. The colours are also available in 100g for $10.00 each. Our Extra Fine Merino colours are pure and stable so felting projects come alive with this exceptional fibre.

DHG extra fine merino for felting from Chaotic Fibres Extra Fine Merino is spectacular! We currently stock 30 colours, ranging from sultry and mysterious Fog to the uplifting and lively Caipirinha. This fibre is rated as 19 microns so it’s as soft and silky as fresh warm custard – almost edible too! To compare, coarse wool from Devon and Massam rate as 40 – 60m and 38 – 44m respectively while the popular Corriedale rates as 25 – 31m so you can see why this Merino is described as extra fine!

Our Italian supplier has an international reputation for its sensitive stewardship and sustainable environmental practices in the dyeing and other production work it completes. Fibre industries go back a long way, over 600 years, in this small Italian city, and our supplier’s family fibre business does as well. They know what they’re doing: they’re currently dyeing about 12 billion kilograms of fibre each year. Yes, we have confidence!

We created these Merino Minis especially with Felt::Feutre in mind, as we will be featured as one of four anchor vendors at this international felting symposium in a couple of weeks. If you’re in the Penticton area, come and see us any day at the Okanagan School of the Arts from Tuesday, the 20th until late Sunday, the 25th. Our sales venue will be open in Room 205 in the Shatford Centre from 8:00am until 6pm.


felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC Felting workshops

Felt::Feutre Canada 2016

This week-long international felting symposium is coming to the Shatford Centre in Penticton, September 20th to 25th and there will be many opportunities for you and your felting friends to be inspired and become involved. Yes, Chaotic Fibres will be there for all six days as one of the four anchor vendors. Come and join the fun!

There’s still limited space available for felting workshops lead by renowned artists including Fiona Duthie from BC’s Salt Spring Island, Maria Friese from France, Charlotte Sehmisch from Germany as well as Katarina Mokeyeva, Melissa Arnold and Jean Gauger from the US. Learn how to make a fine cape, wrap or other garment; combine felt with paper and ink; create poetic felted sculptures or amazing artistic pieces for wall display.

felt feutre 2016 felting symposium Penticton BCLooking for ideas? Find inspiration at “Migration” an exhibition of Canadian contemporary felt fashion featuring the work of supremely talented designers and artists. Find stimulating talks by Felt::Feutre artists, exhibitions, the vendors marketplace, wine, food and more.

Come and see Chaotic Fibres in Room 205 Tuesday through Sunday. We’re stocking up now and will surely have an exceptional stash of fibres to help you move from vision to reality!

If you are not able to join us at Felt::Feutre, have a look at Chaotic Fibres’ website and Online Store at!


felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC Fleece and Fibre Festival New fibres for felting and spinning New fibres ready from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC Online wool store, Victoria BC

Chaotic Fibres at Fibrations this weekend!

Doing some final prep and product selection for this Sunday’s Fibrations event at Robert Porter Park behind Sir James Douglas School in Victoria’s fabulous Fairfield neighbourhood.

As has become the case, we have way too many fibres and products to be able to bring everything, but we hope to cover what local felters, spinners and other fibre lovers are expecting. We’ve had some special requests and a few orders are ready for customers to pick up at the fibre festival. Let us know if you’d like to see something special and we’ll set it aside for you. With Felt::Feutre2016 coming up in 4 weeks, we’ve some really neat, new fibres that we can show off this weekend.

Chaotic Fibres online specialty fibres, Victoria BCDon’t forget to get your tickets for the door prizes! Sharon has just carded these beauties – seven raging batts each with a blend of at least five luxury fibres, including merino, silk, ramie, alpaca and more!

Here’s a heads up of just a few products we’ll be taking to Fibrations. Let us know if you’d like something special or order ahead and we’ll have it ready for you on Sunday!

All things felting: prefelt in many colours, ball browsers (bonsai sprayers), felting pads for needle felters, acid dyes in brown, grey and violet, bamboo felting mats, needles. We’ve set aside loads of silk: cocoons, lap, sliver, pulled sari, mulberry and tussah. We’ll bring small quantities of wool roving from 22 breeds such as Merino, Corriedale, Polwarth, BFL. Lots more here if you want larger quantities!

Look for some specialty fibres like angelina (8 colours!), yak, mohair, baby alpaca, hemp, ramie, camel, as well as blends like our camel and tussah silk (yum!!), merino/suri alpaca. Have you tried bamboo? We now have 9 colours including the stunning Black Diamond.

The weather looks like it will be perfect for an outdoor event on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Fibrations detail

Fibrations 2016.jpg

felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC New product from Chaotic Fibres News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC Online wool store, Victoria BC Victoria

Chaotic Fibres, Victoria new products

Just over three weeks to Fibrations and we’re excited! This will be our second year with this iconic outdoor fibre event here in Victoria. Set your calendar for Sunday, August 21st and head to Robert Porter Park just off Moss Street – the same location as last year near the Fairfield Gonzales Community Place. This is a one day event so don’t miss out.

Sharon has been busy ordering from our amazing suppliers in Europe and Asia for both Fibrations and for the five day international felting symposium, Felt::Feutre 2016, which comes up in September. Recent shipments have totalled over 120 kilos of spectacular product and it’s all online and ready for sale now. Have a look!

IMG_1115With lots of new products included in recent shipments, it’s hard to pick out the favourites or most interesting. We hope felters will go wild over our Extra Fine Merino minis. We now have over 20 colours available in ‘mini’ size of 20 grams as well as the typical 100 gram packs for those looking for larger quantities. The minis are perfect for felters looking to increase their stash to more easily create lovely nuanced colours in projects. Look for these on our Felting Supplies page.

New and glorious fibres: White Baby Alpaca that’s as soft as cashmere, Baby Camel/Bleached Tussah Silk, some Merino/Alpaca/Camel/Silk and lovely BFL/Seacell, Hemp and lots more! Check out our New Arrivals page for these products and other recent shipments.

Speaking of Seacell and Hemp. We are often asked about fibres like these as well as Rose Bush Fibre, Ramie and Bamboo. What exactly are they and where do these fibres come from? Seacell is an interesting one. Seaweed is involved but only as a smallish component of this cellulose fibre. Seacell is a cellulose fibre that begins with hardwood logs chipped and processed to soften to a wet pulp and remove lignins, which give wood strength and rigidity. Seaweed is added and the cellulose solution is pumped through spinnerets to create the fibre we find as Seacell.

What else is new? We now have Eurolana acid dyes for wool, silk and other protein fibres. The dyes are available in three colours: Violet, Brown and Grey. Each 10g pot of luscious colour will dye 1 kg of fibre!

Manx Loaghtan wool from Chaotic Fibres online storeA new wool to us is the Manx Loaghtan which we offer in roving. This dramatic looking, multi-horned sheep is native to the Isle of Man. The wool (29 – 31 microns) is an excellent fibre for felting and spinning. It’s good to see this rare breed gaining popularity as there were only approximately 40 animals in existence when the Manx National Heritage group became involved in protecting the breed.

Come and see us at Fibrations or make the trek to Penticton for Felt::Feutre to see the felting exhibition ‘Migration’, shop at the fabulous felting supplies marketplace or take advantage of one of the popular feltmaking workshops.



felt-feutre Felting Symposium, Penticton BC Fleece and Fibre Festival New fibres for felting and spinning News from Chaotic Fibres, Victoria, BC

Chaotic Fibres off to felt::feutre!

Holy yak fibre! Chaotic Fibres has been selected as one of the feature vendors for felt::feutre 2016 in Penticton this September. We are delighted with the accolades we’ve been given in a recent news post on the felt::feutre website.

felt-feutre felting workshops, Maria FrieseThe September 21 – 25th international felting symposium offers access to some of the world’s most influential artists using felt as their medium, including Fiona Duthie from Salt Spring Island, Maria Friese from France, Charlotte Sehmisch from Germany as well as Melissa Arnold, Jean Gauger and Katia Mokeyeva from the USA. These renowned artists will be presenting workshops to cover many areas of felting, including surface design, nuno felting, shibori, garment construction, sculptural forms and dyeing.

Felt::Feutre’s symposiums in previous years have shattered expectations with their exhibitions of bold, dramatic pieces that challenge the boundaries of creating with felt. This year’s juried exhibition is titled “Migration” and will feature some of the best and most exciting work by Canadian fibre artists and fashion designers. We’re excited about having a chance to see this!

As one of the feature vendors for felt::feutre’s five day event, we have planned carefully, restocking the many favourite fibres our felters have always enjoyed, plus bringing in new products to test their imaginations and entice their sense of play. For locals who can’t make the trek to Penticton, we’ll have some sneak previews of our new products at Fibrations on August 21st