Cobble Hill to take in the 2014 Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair

Busy few days sourcing out new, local fibre. We drove from our Victoria home to Qualicum Bay area last week to visit Jenny at her Up A Creek Farm and get mohair she’d collected from her angora goats. It’s so nice to see happy, well-treated animals! Sharon’s been busy washing it and preparing it for use in some felting and spinning projects she has in mind.

Zip ahead a couple of days and we land in Cobble Hill and the 2014 Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Fair at the local community hall. The crowds and energy were amazing as were the good contacts and new product Sharon was able to tuck into our trunk for the return to Victoria. So, some fabulous suri and huacaya alpaca, Cotswold wool and a sachel of raw silk as well as some new ideas for felting and knitting projects and we’re ready for the next fall fibre sale!

Making rolags

Using my new blending board after returning from a busy buying trip to the Niagara region of Ontario. Lots of new fibres and some new tools to boot. Time to get to work and create some rolags!

mohair, wool and alpaca rolgs
Incredibly soft and luxurient rolags from mohair, alpaca and wool made with my new blending board from The Fibre Garden.

100% Wool Felted Balls from Chaotic Fibres

These are great for cats, kids and as stress relievers! Our tortie cat, Willow, snags one in her claws and loves to play with it. Squeeze and release just like a stress ball but with that natural fibre texture that gives so much more than plastic. The balls are even good for reducing static in your dryer and making your clothes softer!

felted wool balls
Felted wool balls for dryers, cats and kids.
wool balls for dryers and cat toys
100% wool felted balls from Chaotic Fibres

Dyeing spectacular fibre!

Having such fun playing with painting dyes in striking, vibrant colours. These should make¬†spectacular fibre once they’re carded in stylish blends.

Playing with dyes to create some spectacular colour blends with carding.
Playing with dyes to create some spectacular colour blends with carding.

Alpaca from Vancouver Island

Here’s Johnny! We visited Sheena in Qualicum Bay to watch her alpaca being sheared and buy all the alpaca fleece. The little¬†guys were so well behaved despite the drizzle and fuss getting their haircuts! Now the work begins as Sharon washes and cards all this fleece! Ready for Etsy soon!


Chaotic Fibres launching soon!

Finally, we are almost there with unfolding Chaotic Fibres to the artisan community! We could say this has been a half-century process since Sharon’s love and fascination for wool and other natural fibres, spinning, weaving, knitting and felting has evolved over this time, as has her involvement in creating and selling beautiful handmade articles with fibres, fabrics, etc. We are excited to announce that Chaotic Fibres will soon be ready to sell a variety of mostly local, Vancouver Island natural fibres.

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