Chaotic Fibre’s Retirement Sale #3

Check out our three-day sale and save 25% on online orders this Saturday, Sunday and Monday (June 13, 14 and 15th) for these sale items:  

Angelina; Fancy Silk Threads/RibbonNettingSari Silk – SliverSilk Chiffon FabricSilk Habotai FabricSilk WasteVintage Saris;   Viscose FabricViscose Top.

Save 25% when you add the Coupon Code ‘THREE’ on your Shopping Cart’s Checkout page. You must add this coupon code to your order page to save the 25%. Our retirement sales will continue as we clear existing inventory and pave the way for retirement! Please note: discounts cannot be given after an online order has been completed.

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Chaotic Fibres offers many varieties of wool, silks and specialty fibres to felters, spinners and other fibre artisans from around the world as well as from around our local Vancouver Island. See our online store for quality, natural fibres.

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