New treasures galore at Chaotic Fibres for spinners and felters!

Just in from one of our European suppliers … a fresh batch of popular Bonsai Sprayers for wet felters!

Are you tired of wetting your projects with the old hand spray misting bottle you salvaged from an emptied Windex sprayer? Bonsai Sprayers make wet felting easy and efficient. Simply squeeze the soft rubber bulb to draw water or a soap/water solution then gently squeeze to give a perfect distribution over the project. Bonsai Sprayers make the process so easy on your hand and arm muscles. They’re a must have tool for felters!

Chaotic Fibres Felting Pad

Felting Pads 20cm by 30cm

This shipment also included new felting pads and felting needles as promised in our last blog, plus lots of great wool and other fibres for both felters and spinners.

Are you just starting out with felting? We will soon be offering new toolkits for both wet felting and needle felting. Our wet felting toolkits will include a Bonsai Sprayer, a sampling of great fibres chosen specifically for wet felting along with some interesting, special fibre for textural accents. The needle felting toolkits will include a felting pad, three needles and an assortment of excellent needle felting fibres. Watch our Online Store over the couple of weeks for news about these kits and get ready to have some fun!

Wild Space Dyed Top - Mercury

Space Dyed Top

What else is new in the storehouse at Chaotic? It’s been a busy week! We also received a very large shipment from Britain the other day. Sharon is busy unpacking some wild and colourful Space Dyed Wool Top, dyed Shetland Top in seven different colours as well as black and grey, Gotland Top, wool nepps, Tussah Silk Top and more! For spinners, the 18/19 micron extra fine Merino Top is beautifully soft and the colours are luxuriant. We now have lots of Merino, including extra fine top in white for dyeing.

Are you looking for prefelt? Have a look at Felting Supplies in our store! Nuno felters, especially, will drool over our collection of 17 colours of Merino prefelt from this shipment.

All this will help us keep up with the incredible interest in felting and the demand for felting products as well as challenge our spinners with some great fibres for their next projects.

About Chaotic Fibres

Chaotic Fibres offers many varieties of wool, silks and specialty fibres to felters, spinners and other fibre artisans from around the world as well as from around our local Vancouver Island. See our online store for quality, natural fibres.
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