New Felting Tools and Fibre from Chaotic Fibres

We have not been hiding under a rock!

In some ways, I wish we had. Instead, we’ve been recovering from a nasty flood from a burst pipe with the resulting restoration work that has taken almost a month so far. Just before the tsunami in the middle of the night, we had made the decision to go to Olds Fibre Week but backed away due to crazy days dealing with insurance, contractors and the disorganized mess. Next year!

5" Palm Washboard

5″ Palm Washboard

In the meantime, we had ordered new products from the US and Europe. Felters are loving our Palm Washboards from Heartfelt Silks. I have been playing with a 5” Regular doing a felted picture of a vase of flowers. We currently have some 3″ Minis, but can also get more 5″ Regulars, the 7″ Jumbos for bigger projects or their interesting Edges or Wedges  as special orders. These are beautifully handcrafted of durable hardwoods and finished extremely well to give you a lasting and precious felting tool.

Using a Bonsai Sprayer for wet felting has made such a difference from the old fashioned, inefficient squirt bottle I used to use. After the massive interest these sprayers generated at our booth at Fibres West, especially with Fiona Duthie’s recommendation to her workshop participants, I ordered a larger shipment and was able to reduce my cost and selling price.

10kg bump of Polwarth

10kg bump of Polwarth

All sorts of new fibre arrived, including this 10 kilo bump of Polwarth! I will package some up as is undyed and dye a whole batch in different colourways as well. This is a great fibre! Polwarth is a blend of 75% Merino and 25% Lincoln, a wonderful blend that has the lushness of Merino with the crimp, elasticity and more generous fibre length of Lincoln. It’s a great spinning fibre for softness next to the skin, and it felts well.

A few other new fibres in this shipment including Falkland, Alpaca/Bleached Tussah in both fawn and grey, Kid Mohair Fleece and some 50/50 Merino/Suri Alpaca Top. The Falkland comes, as you probably guessed, from the Falkland Islands. As a remote island, the sheep represent various blends of mainly Merino, Polwarth, Corriedale with a few quirks thrown in. It’s a lovely and long fibre at 25 to 30 microns and 80 – 100mm in length. Unique with a nice story behind it! As you can imagine, the Alpaca/Tussah, Kid Mohair and Merino/Suri Top are all pretty special and wonderfully soft fibres as well.

So on to new adventures. We’ll be looking for island and other local fibre events over the summer and fall so watch for our news of these. If your local spinning or felting group is interested, I’m always happy to bring a selection of products to group meetings. Let me know!

About Chaotic Fibres

Chaotic Fibres offers many varieties of wool, silks and specialty fibres to felters, spinners and other fibre artisans from around the world as well as from around our local Vancouver Island. See our online store for quality, natural fibres.
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