Chaotic Fibres in Victoria. New, hand painted yarns, skeins and tops for Fibres West

Tulip buds are straining to open, cherry tree blossoms float by as the breeze settles gently on Victoria’s streets and Sharon’s latest hand painted yarns, skeins and tops are finished and ready for Vancouver’s Fibres West. Even if you’re encased in winter’s grip, these colours promise to usher spring to your door!

BFL and Kid Mohair Tops

Collection of BFL and Kid Mohair Tops

The vibrant Blue Faced Leicester and Kid Mohair Tops are luxuriantly soft and silky. Each of the seven colourways is approximately 100g. BFL is one of the cherished longwool breeds developed in Britain in the 1700’s by Robert Blakewell. The name was inspired by the dark blue skin on their faces and heads which can be seen through their white hair. This variety of sheep has no wool on their heads and necks, just short hair. The wool is lustrous, similar to Teeswater and Wensleydale at 30 microns in thickness, with light, threadlike crimps that makes it wonderful for spinning. And, Kid Mohair … well, what can we say! Fabulous. What a nice combination.

Hand Painted Teeswater Yarn

Hand Painted Teeswater Yarn

Sharon’s hand painted Teeswater yarns are all OOAK and approximately 200m. This is a rare breed of longwool sheep, with a fleece having a well defined curl and thickness similar to Leicester. Teeswater sheep are often left two years between shearing to produce a very long fibre of approximately 30 centimetres.

Sharon has quite a few skeins of her hand painted Double Loop Mohair, Wool and Nylon blend ready for Fibres West. These are all OOAK (One of a Kind) skeins with a 75/20/5 ratio, making it beautifully soft and deliciously warm.

Fibres West, here we come. We look forward to meeting spinners, felters, knitters, weavers and other fibre devotees we have been working with through guilds from all over Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and throughout BC – perhaps even Yukon and Alberta! Come and say hi!

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Mohair and wool skein of specialty yarn.

Mohair and wool skein of specialty yarn.

Hand Painted mohair yarn

Double Loop Mohair Yarn, hand painted.

Hand Painted Teeswater Top from Chaotic Fibres

Hand Painted Teeswater Top

Hand painted Teeswater Top 100% wool

Hand painted Teeswater Top

About Chaotic Fibres

Chaotic Fibres offers many varieties of wool, silks and specialty fibres to felters, spinners and other fibre artisans from around the world as well as from around our local Vancouver Island. See our online store for quality, natural fibres.
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