Maori Wool, an Excellent Needle Felting Choice

Mirror, mirror on the wall … which wool is the fairest of them all?

So many to choose from and such a range in the characteristics that make each one unique. No witch hunt, spells or strange potions being mixed here!

Carded Saffron Maori wool with vibrant hues for needle felting.

Saffron Maori wool for needle felting.

Consider Maori for instance. Out of their stashes of likely candidates, our needle felters find our carded Maori wool perfect for their projects. For one thing, the colour range is incredible, and it’s a strong, stable, semi-soft fibre that holds its shape very nicely, a must for intricate, three-dimensional felting. I love the Maori word for sheep, “pirikahu” which also means frizzy hair to the Maori, in their testament to the qualities that make wool a perfect fibre for felting. One comment we loved hearing was that Maori almost felted itself, making the whole process so much more predictable and easy.

Our Maori comes to us from Italy’s famous Tuscany region, from a family enterprise that prides itself on superb quality fibre with spectacular colours produced in an environmentally sustainable way. Everything about the family and their long history in the textile business reveals their commitment, from choosing only fibres from ethically raised farms, to using dyes that are sensitive to the environment and even to restoring their centuries old building to green standards. Their base is a small, medieval, walled town where textiles have been the centre of their economy going back to the Etruscans and with the earliest settlement going back to the Stone Age. As Canadians, it’s a real shift in our thinking to imagine being part of a local industry with more than a thousand years of history! But, it’s the connections to their ancestors and the long-standing reputation of their community that makes their products exceptional.

Have you tried needle or dry felting with Maori? Have a look at the vibrant colours like mint, fire or cyclamen. We’re positive you will be amazed at the difference this Kiwi fibre makes. Order from us ONLINE for a quick and easy satisfaction guaranteed delivery.

Come out to see us at Fibres West in Vancouver on March 13, 14th or locally at Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild’s Spin In 2015 on February 21, 2015.

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