Moroccan Inspired Scarves

Our travels to Europe a couple of years ago took us to Marrakesh and the exotic flavours, colours and textures of the thousand year old medina. What an experience it was wandering and getting endlessly lost in the souks of the walled market town. Our photos of that time instantly bring back the rich colours of the textiles and of the food in the market stalls. Sharon has always loved working with colour so here’s a tribute to our time in Marrakesh with a couple of brilliant scarves she has just finished.

The first knitted scarf was made using linen stitch on a circular needle with all hand spun and hand dyed wool, silk, llama and mohair. This technique gives you a wonderful chance to use lots of smaller bits of colour and fibre, giving the scarf a ‘chaotic’ vibrancy.

The second scarf uses a seed stitch and, again, all hand spun and hand dyed wool, with this wool being completely local to our home on Vancouver Island. To show that Moroccan influence, we just had to show off the the knitted scarves with some decorative tagines we brought home after a drawn out and good natured bartering session in Marrakesh.

Circular needle used for linen stitch scarf with wool, silk, llama and mohair

Linen stitch on circular needle. The scarf begins!

Starting a linen stitch scarf on a circular needle

Crows keeping an eye on scarf progress.








linen stitch on circular needle for hand spun scarf

Completed linen stitch scarf with hand spun, hand dyed wool, silk, mohair and llama.

Moroccan inspired colours in hand dyed wool scarf

Closeup on rich, Moroccan colours used for scarf by Chaotic Fibres








Hand spun fibres with wool, silk, llama and mohair

Linen stitch scarf with colourful hand spun fibre.


Moroccan inspired scarves by Chaotic Fibres

Seed stitch and linen stitch scarves by Chaotic Fibres













Hand dyed bright colour hand spun wool

Blended hand spun wool in colourful seed stitch scarf. 

hand spun local wool from Vancouver Island

Seed stitch scarf by Chaotic Fibr 


Hand spun and hand dyed wool scarf suing seed stitch

Tagine treasures with Morrocan inspired scarf by Chaotic Fibres



Getting Lost in Marrakesh Souks.

Marrakesh Souks – trolling for Tagines and other local treasures





















About Chaotic Fibres

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