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100% Wool Felted Balls from Chaotic Fibres

These are great for cats, kids and as stress relievers! Our tortie cat, Willow, snags one in her claws and loves to play with it. Squeeze and release just like a stress ball but with that natural fibre texture that gives so much more than plastic. The balls are even good for reducing static in your dryer and making your clothes softer!

felted wool balls
Felted wool balls for dryers, cats and kids.
wool balls for dryers and cat toys
100% wool felted balls from Chaotic Fibres

By Chaotic Fibres

Chaotic Fibres offers many varieties of wool, silks and specialty fibres to felters, spinners and other fibre artisans from around the world as well as from around our local Vancouver Island. See our online store for quality, natural fibres.

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